Understanding Electricity and Electronics (Timed & Monitored)

Course Outline

Electricity is all around us–powering technology like our cars, computers and mobile phones. Electrical power and electronics industry are now the backbone of our modern society. This course introduces the history of electrical and electronic technology development, the fundamental concepts of DC/AC electricity, and the characteristics of semiconductor devices and circuits. Emphasis is placed on DC/AC circuits, components, and other related topics. Upon completion, students should be able to appreciate the vital role played by electricity and electronics in our life, and be able to identify, construct, verify, and analyze simple DC/AC circuits. The course contents are based primarily on a film entitled "Understanding Electricity" by the Discovery Channel and a Federal Aviation Administration publication "Basic Electricity" (Chapter 10 in FAA-8083-30). This course includes a multiple-choice quiz at the end, which is designed to enhance the understanding of course materials.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the student will: