Chemical Engineering Courses

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B1001 Principles and Strategies for Negotiation 4 $40 Buy Now
B1012 Introduction to Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings 2 $20 Buy Now
B1015 Engineering Economics Expanded 3 $30 Buy Now
B1216 Leadership for Professionals 8 $80 Buy Now
B1217 Becoming A Better Leader 8 $80 Buy Now
B1227 Project Management for Engineers 15 $150 Buy Now
B1245 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Engineers 3 $30 Buy Now
C1011 Overview of Stormwater Management 2 $20 Buy Now
C1011W Overview of Stormwater Management (Live Webinar) 2 $60 Buy Now
F1011 Engineering Investigation Reports 4 $40 Buy Now
G1011 Mathematics for Professional Engineers I 4 $40 Buy Now
G1012 Mathematics for Professional Engineers II 5 $50 Buy Now
G1013 Physics for Professional Engineers I 4 $40 Buy Now
G1014 Physics for Professional Engineers II 2 $20 Buy Now
M1011 Mold Prevention and Remediation 6 $60 Buy Now
M1021 Improving Indoor Air Quality 4 $40 Buy Now